Collection plan

08/05/2017 | You will work with 5 students in a project group to create a collection plan. Together with the new group you will develop the concept further. You will present the collection and indicate the quantities, sizes and garments you will produce, taking into account sustainability. Using mood boards you will show and motivate your choice for the brand’s collection. Each group member is responsible for at least two items, a top and a bottom of woven material, for which you will have to create the stylesheets.

For the collection plan we had decided that we would develop the concept further that I and another student had created in the previous assignment. We developed the collection plan for the brand called Hästens. This is a luxury brand which create beds and accessories. The concept is to create a yoga line which consists of luxurious fabrics ad strong craftsmanship. Each student designed 4 differed garments. I only included the stylesheets of the garments that I created.


The end result:

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